Replacing windows improves the thermal insulation of the house, with openings representing 10 to 15% of heat losses. There is thus savings in heating with the key and an increased comfort thanks to the suppression of the phenomenon of cold wall on the windows. In addition, the house will be much better protected from outside noise.
It is not compulsory but above all a matter of means. If you do not have the budget to change it all at once, choose the living rooms or the most heated rooms, you will improve their comfort.
Whether wood, PVC, aluminum or even mixed wood joinery, each has its advantage. Thermally efficient, wooden windows require regular maintenance. The aluminum profiles are unalterable and available in a wide range of colors. Economical and insulating, PVC is the most popular material in renovation, but the choice of colors is more restricted. Finally, high - quality, the mixed windows offer a very good thermal insulation and do not require maintenance. They consist of a wooden or PVC joinery with aluminum cowling.
Equipped with reinforced thermal insulation, the windows protect from cold weather and summer heat. It is the coefficient Uw expressed in W / m2.K which gives information on the thermal performance of a window. The lower the coefficient, the better the insulation. The most efficient joineries have thermal coefficients of less than 1.4 W / m2.K, ie an energy gain of 80% compared to a single glazing. And heating savings of 10 to 30% depending on the case.
Some windows (when on the ground floor or without shutters) are more susceptible than others to attempts to steal. Manufacturers offer a variety of options to discourage burglars: anti-slip leaf socket, reinforcement of carpentry, laminated glazing, etc. Issued by the CNPP (National Center for Prevention and Protection) and recognized by insurance companies, the A2P label distinguishes equipment that effectively protects against intrusion attempts (delayed break-in, etc.). ).


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