PVC doors

Doors open on tranquility

With Zendow#neo and Monorail, Deceuninck offers you the best of doors and sliding doors.

The best of isolation

You aspire to a safe house and Deceuninck understood it. Deceuninck PVC doors have increased resistance to burglary. Zendow # neo profiles are reinforced with galvanized steel and strikes protected by an additional central barrier, an additional obstacle against any intrusion from the outside.

In addition, the Zendow # neo chassis offer unmatched thermal and acoustic insulation for maximum peace of mind.

When design meets quality

Finding an interior door or door that meets your criteria is not always easy. With the Deceuninck PVC doors, you no longer have to choose between style and comfort.
It is not for nothing that the manufacturer of PVC windows and doors Deceuninck is world leader in the production of profiles: quality controls have led to the ISO 14001 certification, the brand has the NF label, and its qualities in The protection of the environment have been proved.

So, when the requirements go to design, all expectations are fulfilled: wise and intelligent colors, contemporary lines elaborated to be in harmony with all styles, sliding PVC doors, custom doors, remarkable value for money ...

The Deceuninck PVC doors have been designed to be well in all interiors, to make you feel at home.

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