Our shutters

Quarto VE² is a discreet exterior casing thanks to the simplicity of a quarter-turn curve.
Paco VE², a more rectilinear box, in cut pan, presents the same assets as the Quarto VE².

Minimum dimensions,
The Axis 50 technology is a platform that allows an optimum winding for a minimal box space, in order to offer you the most compact boxes on the market: a box of 13.5cm only for a window of 1.60m high! 3 sizes of box are available: 135/165/205 mm, with aprons in 37 or 50 mm blades, aluminum or PVC.

Optimized glazing
The final blade comes into the box, thanks to the shut-off systems integrated in the slides.

Effective protection
All external boxes are fitted with automatic locks in winch and radio or wired motor.

Finishes and colors
The option RAL lacquer + slides + final blade is available in 2 finishes: structured, more scratch resistant, or smooth gloss, satin or matt finish.
For a uniform flap in color, our aprons are also available in 174 colors RAL - available in alu blades 37 and 50mm. And in a more natural and authentic spirit, for rolling shutters "wood imitation", choose our 100% golden oak finish!

Several levels of engine
Io, RTS Somfy radio, WFT Somfy and new: Somfy radio autonomous radio!

Integrated mosquito net
Discreet thanks to its integrated double slide, with a brake for a smooth operation and a longer life of the product.

Comfort Solutions
Everything has been designed to the smallest detail to facilitate the installation of your shutters and any possible intervention:
• Closure of the housing with a single screw: improved aesthetics.
• Mechanization from the inside: no more visible screws on the cheeks.

Tested for 40 years of normal use **
(** 14,000 open / close cycles)