Beautiful inside, beautiful outside and very efficient between the 2

Beautiful inside, beautiful outside and very efficient between the 2

To be at home is to feel safe: from others, noise and temperature differences. Choosing Deceuninck PVC windows means choosing to be comfortable with you.

Optimal thermal and sound insulation

40% of the heat losses come from poor insulation of the windows! A double-glazed PVC window greatly reduces heat loss, and saves a lot of energy. It is precisely in this spirit that Deceuninck has created for you Zendow PVC windows with high thermal and acoustic performance. According to the CSTB calculations, the thermal coefficient Uw = 1.1 W / m².k according to glazing.

An ideal personalization

Available in a wide range of colors and finishes, the contemporary design of Zendow windows is suitable for any style of home, new or renovated.

Unbeatable quality

Zendow windows, like all the products offered by the brand, benefit from impeccable quality and durability. Their beauty is preserved for years with a minimum of maintenance. The excellent production of PVC profiles has enabled Deceuninck to become a world leader and offer windows that comply with the RT 2012 and following regulations and the requirements of the BBC-Effinergie label.
Thanks to their high energy performance, the Deceuninck PVC windows are eligible for the tax credit according to the law in force. Thus, for your renovation projects, having the reflex "PVC windows Deceuninck" is choosing the best for your interior.


Discover the "+" of Zendow windows:


Deceuninck respects the free choice of each and offers a wide range of colors and finishes that adapts to all styles. The rounded shape of the profile reinforces the aesthetics of your home. Jets of water, small woods, supporting parts, beaten, ... all these profiles were designed in the respect of the visual coherence.


Thanks to its finer and more elegant profiles, while retaining their rigidity (thickness of 70 mm), Zendow windows allow you to live in and out at the same time. Zendow combines strength, strength and maximizes visual field through the window.


Thanks to its thermal and phonic performance, as well as a perfect wind and watertightness, the Zendow windows maximize your comfort and help reduce your energy costs. The geometry of the profiles and the quality of the high-quality gaskets pre-assembled at the factory have been designed to ensure perfect sealing of the glazing and the closing of the window. The joints contribute to perfect drainage while the hardware is protected from moisture and corrosion. So, your Zendow window will age well, safely.


The Deceuninck preframe perfectly meets the requirements of the PEB for airtightness at the fitting to the shell. By eliminating air leakage and thermal bridges, the preframe ensures efficient and maximum insulation while offering a simple and fast installation.


Compatible with all types of anti-intrusion hardware, Zendow windows are designed to provide peace of mind. The glazing is securely fastened in the rebates, making it difficult to commit any offense.

Colors and personalization

Through a wide choice of colors, the Deceuninck collection of colors brings a personal and harmonious touch to your home. Thus, your colors will keep their freshness for the first few days. Deceuninck opens the door of possibilities: you can customize the style of your Zendow windows (with small woods in white or imitation wood), choose your handles (brass, stainless steel, ...) or the type of window opening .